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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
dcmetal108, sanitarium78 is right. Dark match same thing when I went to Smackdown taping in SD, Mysterio vs Kane in a Cage match. It was beyond lame, they had a cheap cage set up and it was like 5 mins max. Usually that's what they are, short go home matches where face wins.

Also I really do hope they dont take the title off of CM Punk and build him up to be an awesome heel and eventually feuds with The Rock. Just think of them promos they would put on.
One of the Raw's that I attended had a triple threat dark match, I forgot who vs who, but I remember Triple H, Undertaker, Booker T, and Golddust were involved. Mr. McMahon interupted and they had a Spin-a-rooni contest, causing Undertaker to leave . I believe it was a prank on him.

And yes..... The Rock vs CM Punk would be amazing, even the promos. Both are amazing on the microphone. Why must Cena be the "Face of WWE" (not like Face/Heel, but THE GUY) when CM Punk is so much more entertaining.
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