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Best Bands You Have Seen Live

I searched to see if anything similar would come up, but mainly just "best 3 shows you have been to" or "bands that suck live" threads...


What bands has everyone seen live that absolutely blew them away? Whether its a band you love, a band you didn't know about, etc etc. Who out there can bring it in the live setting? List them and add a reason why if you like.

I'll start... and likely add on as I think of more.

Between the Buried and Me
I was never a huge fan of theirs, but when a fellow musician told me to check out "Colors", I did... AND HOLY SHIT was I blown away. I wanted to see them live, but always missed the chance, or they just never came to Seattle. I finally got to see them at Summer's Laughter, and it was by far one of the greatest shows I had ever witnessed. Everything was spot on, the music was epic, it was amazing. Their set alone was worth the $30 I paid.

I don't know what it is, but I have a thing for the whole Middle Eastern sound. When I randomly stumbled upon Melechesh a few years ago I made it my goal that I would see them... but missed their first US performance at MDF. When I heard that they were touring with Rotting Christ last year, nothing would stop me from going. I was amazed at the musicianship, the energy, and pressence.... everything was perfect.

Morbid Angel
I think it was more of a surprise at how much I enjoyed their set. I have never been a huge fan of theirs, I absolutely hated "Heretic", and never listened to much else, but when I saw them at MDF... wow... they can bring it.

This doesn't need an explanation. They are the most fun band ever. Get into the jig pits and see for yourself.

I had never heard them prior to MDF, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Long story short, if you see them on a flyer, go see them. Amazing performance, and about the same fun level as Korpiklaani, sans the Jigging.

Napalm Death
It's Napalm Death. Period.

Septic Flesh
I wasn't sure how they would pull off the orchastrations in the live setting. what if they fuck up? what if it sounds like butt? What if it's boring since everything has to be played perfectly. What I saw, and heard, was amazing. Not only does their music still come across as epic and huge live, but the fact they can play it so perfectly is just... wow.

So yeah... share your bands!
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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