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Against All Authority/The Criminals split
Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Altered States of America"
Avail "Live at the King's Head Inn"
Beastie Boys "Get It Together"
Beastie Boys "Some Old Bullshit"
Blanks 77 "Up The System"
Born Against "Battle Hymns of the Race War"
Brutal Truth "Kill Trend Suicide"
Charles Bronson "Youth Attack"
Crossed Out "Fuck Grindcore"
Dinosaur Jr. "Just Like Heaven"
Dinosaur Jr. "Fossils"
Doom/Cress split
Fields of Shit "s/t"
Grief/16 split
Hellchild/Word Salad split
Hirax "Barrage of Noise"
I-Spy "Revenge of the Little Shits"
Locust/Man is the Bastard split
Macabre "Unabomber" pic disc
Midnight "Farewell to Hell"
Napalm Death "Diatribes" 2x10"
Protestant "Stalemate"
Plutocracy "s/t"
Rancid "Lets Go" 2x10"
Sake "s/t"
Skit System "Ondskans Ansikte"
Soundgarden "Flower"
Transient/The Communion split
Wormrot "Noise"
Various Artists "Short, Fast, & Loud"

Random sizes

Blanks 77 "On Speed" 5"
Hellnation "At War With Emo" 5"
Locust/Jenny Piccolo split 5"
Nine Inch Nails "Sin" 9"
Still Life "Slow Children At Play" 8"
4/8 - Amon Amarth/Entombed
5/5 - Black Dahlia Murder
5/28-5/30 - Punk Rock Bowling
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