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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
No, it's the dark match after the show is over. It's just a little special thing they do for the fans in attendance. They've been doing matches like this after the taping's for a few years now.

I went to a Smackdown taping a few years ago when Swagger was champ and he was feuding with Big Show. All the local advertisments said there would be a title match between them at the show. They had the match but it was after the taping and it did not air on Smackdown that week. Basically the match was just a run through for the PPV match they had coming up together.

Ther RAW I went to in Feburary of last year advertised locally a tag match between then WWE Champ The Miz and CM Punk against Cena and Orton and guess when that match happened? You got it, after RAW went off the air as the special dark match main event. The match your dad and sister saw when they went to RAW was that, just like how Punk/Cena for the title next week will be a dark match after RAW is over. Remember, i've been watching since 1986, I know my shit

I see. I've only been watching since like 95' that I can remember, I mean I was only two in 95' haha.