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Thanks to Ed/Tony/Orioner for the help. To the others, still appreciated

I'm going down there to start working at PwC. The descriptions given about those cities is certainly helpful. I actually haven't yet looked on Craigslist so I'll give that a run within the month. The price range I'm expecting is around $600-1500, at least realistically and with a lot of effort. It's more than likely I'll be visiting within the year to narrow it down and finalize everything.

Musically, it's nice to know that there are many options. I was aware that San Jose wasn't that 'popping', but I didn't know there were a lot of options relatively close. I don't go that often, and what with work and all I will have less time, but I like having the option. I'm also a fairly skilled musician, and I would love to jam around and just have fun so it's good to know that is in abundance.

Once again thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

And to Nat, you could always move there. God knows the state needs your $$$
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