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So this actually includes all the albums, not just the Rob ones -

1. Hellion/Electric Eye
2. Delivering The Goods
3. The Sinner
4. Breaking The Law
5. Bullet Train
6. Alone
7. The Ripper
8. Between The Hammer & The Anvil
9. Beyond The Realms Of Death
10. The Sentinel
11. Subterfuge
12. Desert Plains
13. Turbo Lover
14. Hellrider
15. Stained Class
16. Ram It Down
17. Freewheel Burning
18. The Green Manalishi
19. Living After Midnight
20. Victim Of Changes
21. Hell Bent For Leather

Rob can't sing Painkiller anymore, so ditch it. I'm not sure he can do Ram It Down either, if not replace it with Heavy Metal. Cathedral Spires should be there but again I doubt Rob could do it, hence Bullet Train. Nothing off Rocka Rolla either......add the title track if you must, after Alone.
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