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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I get to see the Cena vs Punk match next week!
That's a match next week? Aren't they main eventing the next PPV with the title on the line?

I just love what Punk said to Lawler during the opening segmanet of RAW. That sums up how i've always felt about Lawler. Jerry Lawler is the greatest minor leauge wreslter of all time, it's a joke he's labeled a legend and got into the WWE Hall Of Fame, which itself is mostly a joke anyways so I guess it makes sense. Lawler has never beat anyone who's mattered on a level that mattered. He only became a world champ in the AWA because Curt Henning was leaving to go to the WWF and he needed to drop the belt to someone. To call Jerry Lawler a legend in wrestling is an insult to all the true legends of the buisness who actually accomplished things that were historic.

Loved the anger management segments with Kane and Bryan. The part with Bryan and the kid in the goat mask was great. It was pretty funny how calmly Kane ran through the history of his character to. I have to give some serious props to Kane, he's always been one of my favorites but he's had a rocky history in the WWF/E. He's been given some awful storylines and some very bad oppents which resulted in some matches that were painful to watch. But the guy is always up for anything and he always tries his best to make whatever they're currently doing with him work. He's done a good job since the whole Punk/Bryan/Kane/AJ thing a few months back. I never thought I would say this in 2012, but Kane is one of the main reasons to watch RAW right now besides Punk and Bryan.
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