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Metallica -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- August 27th, 2012

Note: this "concert" was not announced until 3 days before hand. The cost of admission was NO JOKE 5$ (all general admission) from ticketmaster. Proceeds went to the Vancouver Food Bank

Metallica as some of you know Filmed a live concert here in Vancouver over the weekend on what they called "The Full Arsenal" tour or, more so set of show's. A bunch of us already saw the setlist from the Mexico City show's.

This show was Metallica running through the setlist one more time and grabbing extra footage. Starting and stopping after each song and changing camera angles's etc. to the directors liking. Btw the director of the recent "Predators" movie is doing this film as well.

The setlist was as follows: (730pm - 1130pm run time) including MANY breaks.
-Ecstasy Of Gold
-Creeping Death
-Creeping Death (from Second Verse)
-Bell Tolls
-Ride The Lightning
-Memory Remains
-Wherever I May Roam
-Sad But True (up to first chorus)
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
-...And Justice
-Master Of Puppets
-Enter Sandman
-Seek & Destroy
-Fuel (repeat from Solo on)
-One (repeat)

inbetween songs the band was either off stage or sometimes they would stay on and Jam a little bit while the cameras got shuffled around.

Lars, at a couple points during the show was teasing "Run To The Hills" and honestly not doing a good job on the cymbal work haha. Anyway Kirk tried to come in with the guitar on that song and was way too many frets off. It sounded pretty funny though.

Also during the second runthrough of One, Kirk fucked up his intro pretty bad too. Another funny loose jam moment for Metallica last night.

All in all it was a great show for 5$ and im VERY happy to have been there.

I also went on Saturday night too for the FULL Experience of this concert and whoa it was a monster show. Just wait till this movie comes out, im sure most lf you 'Tallica fans will love it.
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