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I hate Walmart. I actually thought they'd fire me. The first day I called off for school I guess the other 2 cart guys called off. Then one of my assholes managers asked why I called off and the one manager in the store that will back me up told her it was for school. I guess she said school isn't valid enough to call off for and my manager told her I had only been trying to weeks to get it off and if she changed it where my call off didn't matter to expect hell from me.

The Walmart I am at has to be run by the dumbest pieces of shit ever and it's by far the worst run and dirtiest walmart I work at. Thank god I at least get to be outside sometimes.

Though yesterday I did have a customer get in my face and employees came over thinking he wanted to fight me because he did. All because I asked him excuse me 2 times so I could bring in carts since he was blocking my way, other peoples way, and traffic by making me stop.
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