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Was supposed to take Drawing II, but I have another week or two of Art I (in order to take ceramics, painting, or drawing, you have to take Art I first) because the people running my school are idiots that didn't think I had all my credits.

I have a German class tomorrow, so hopefully, that doesn't get screwed up beyond all belief.

Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Pssh. Bullshit. They fired my friend like four years ago because his school schedule didn't jive with his work schedule.
Not surprised at all. I did a work-based learning thing a while ago working at a Walmart. Basically, I put back shit that got returned like TV sets, BB guns, canned food, shit like that.

I'm not even joking, if I brought up a chipped or cracked glass or a dented can, they'd tell me they'd throw it away, and then I'd see it on the shelf the next time I came back because it wasn't "really" trashed.

...I fucking hate Walmart.
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