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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
So this was finally the night to set things straight with regards to Gojira – and set me the fuck straight they did. You already know the set list (which was the same as their previous night’s set in Milwaukee, for anyone who cares), so I won’t re-post that. One thing I did find interesting, though, is that while we were waiting for Gojira to take the stage, they played “The Pot” by TOOL over the PA, and I thought to myself that, in a funny kind of way, the two bands actually had quite a few things in common – what with the progressive elements they both like to use, the wicked good bass lines, the tribal drumming style, the thoughtful lyrics, etc. Anyways, I took it as a sign that something awesome was about to happen, and it got me even more jazzed. I guess you just had to be there.
at the 1st NYC show they were playing the whole 10,000 Days album over the PA. (Made it to Wings Part 2, then Gojira went on)
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