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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
That explanation makes no sense to me. As I said Gotham was blocked off with no other connections with the outside world due to threats that Bane would set off the bomb. Getting into Gotham would have served a pretty big challenge and needs an explanation. He was stripped off all his gadgets, obviously it would have made it a lot easier to get out of the hole if he had them. If he just so happened to have his gadget stocked up in someplace other than Gotham than I would have liked to have that explained. Also am I wrong but wasn't the reason he needed to get into contact with Lucius Fox was because he was the only one that could get him equipment?

oh and the reason he could walk on ice is due to a bat gadget, dunno what its called but its in Arkham City
I'm pretty sure his League of Shadows training would have helped getting into the city undetected.
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