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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Nice review! That thing you said about The Faceless reaction though, every time I've seen them the crowd has done the same thing just witnessed the band perform and headbanged with no pits. The most surprising crowd response was BTBAM, holy shit the crowd went ape shit for them. You can tell their was a split crowd too, BTBAM had a bigger audience than Corpse.
Thanks man (and to Lincoln and hellawaits as well).

I mean, I know The Faceless has never been a band that generated large pits, but there was almost zero movement where I standing, aside from a bit of headbanging. I didn't get bumped into once the entire time. It just felt boring. The last time I saw them they were opening for Suffocation, so there was quite a bit of movement. I guess I should have expected different at this show, seeing as there would be much more progressive fans in attendance.
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