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Augury -- St-Esprit, Quebec -- August 25th, 2012

Festival: Camping Métal 3

This was Augury's first performance since the return of Dominic "Forest" Lapointe on bass and Étienne Gallo on drums. They played as part of a diy festival where people camped and could watch many metal bands from Quebec play. The headliner of this day was the recently reunited local legends B.A.R.F. (also festuring Forest on bass), and another highlight was the also recently reunited death/thrash metal band Sarkasm (featuring Bruno Bernier of Obliveon). My band also played earlier in the day. We had a blast, but the festival was poorly ran. For example, everything was late and everyone had to cut songs from their set (Augury probably cut one too), and bands were not given the food, water and beer they were promised. Also, the place smelled like shit due to the animal carcasses that were all over the place.

Nonetheless, the sound was usually good, especially for Augury, who were definitely the best band of the day. They gave a flawless performance (the drumming ) and hearing those songs live again was fun as hell. I had an overall great time watching bands, camping, smuggling alcohol in and drinking it, wandering in the corn fields...


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