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Evanescence -- Clarkston, MI -- August 24th, 2012

The 1st band I saw was Chevelle. These guys are defintely a guilty pleasure for me. I want to not like them. The 1st time I saw them was on the 2nd stage @ Ozzfest 2002. They kept bitching to the crowd for not being into it enough & not moving around. Then I went to meet them at their signing, and their old bassist w/ his bleach-blonde hair was a total prick. However, I've seen them live about 10x now. I just really like their music a lot. I can't help it. Their set last night was pretty good. It was definitely more of an Evanescence crowd, though.

Chevelle Setlist (missing a song or 2 in the middle):

Sleep Apnea
Hats Off to the Bull
Another Know it All
The Clincher
Get Some
Send the Pain Below
The Red
Face to the Floor

Evanescence headlined. I saw them open for KoRn in 2007 and really liked their set, so I figured I'd check 'em out again. I don't know any of their songs besides the ones on the radio. Well, now I am officially a fan. They were excellent! They sounded great & had a cool light show. Thumbs up!

Evanescence setlist (via

1.What You Want
2.Going Under
3.The Other Side
4.Weight of the World
5.Made of Stone
6.Good Enough
8.Lost In Paradise
9.My Heart Is Broken
11.The Change
13.Never Go Back
14.Call Me When You're Sober
16.Bring Me to Life
18.My Immortal
11/20 MH
12/5 Texas In July
12/12 Heartsick
12/19 np
4/5 Maiden
4/8 & 9 UO
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