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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Cool, maybe I'll see you there. I'm mostly excited to see Exhumed. Cannibal Corpse should be fun too though. I'm not a big fan, but everybody says they're awesome live.
Exhumed kicks ass live, that Scion show was sick. Also I dont really listen to Corpse either but they should be fun. I'll be with srm90(Scott) tomorrow, maybe we'll run into you. Should be a good show though!

Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Yeah, I'll just get super uninterested in whatever show it is, even if it's a band I love. I need breaks. Even if it's just a week; that's fine.
Plus shows aint free, shit cost money. Dont know how far you guys are from your regular venues either but I have to make like hour drives on ave so gas, plus sometimes paying for parking and food. Yup a decent amount of dough is needed.
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