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Well that's mostly pretty much what San Jose has sadly. I don't like core music at all either, but that's the main thing represented around that area (don't lump me in with them Tony, it just happens to be healthy scene). I went to high school in Los Gatos, believe me there isn't much when it comes to local music. Sleep were from San Jose and so were Exhumed, but both those bands completely relocated. From what Matt Pike told me (and some other folks I know who were around then) Sleep spent half their time in Oakland anyway, and from interviews I've seen with Matt Harvey, Exhumed apparently thrived off of the hardcore and grindcore shows from back then.

I only said the core shit was "pretty good" because shows in that style happen relatively frequently and the bands are pretty tight with each other. Even the thrash bands in the bay can't brag about that unfortunately.
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