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Static X -- Chicago, IL -- August 23rd, 2012

Ok here is my first review ever on this site so I hope it is good because you know first time jitters haha.

So me and my gf and my friend got to the House of Blues at about 7:20 and the first called Davey Suicide was performing. Now they look like combi chirst kind of with they way they look all silver and rusty looking. They seemed like they were trying way to hard and they did not really impress me. Few good rifts here and there but thats about it.

Next was a band called Nine Electric and this band was worse then the first band. The music its self was pretty good but the singer was so damn annoying and the lyrics to the songs were so incredible stupid. They were singing about chickens and having your fists in the air. It was one of those bands where you were like WTF did I just see. Last song was pretty heavy and that was the only highlght of the set.

Next band that played was not part of the tour but played this show only since they are from the are and that was fucking DIRGIE WITHIN!!! This band kicks so much fucking ass and always know how to put on a show. The way they interact with the crowd is always fun and amazing. It blows my mind everytime they play and they always put on an amazing show. It wasnt the main singer though it was someone else but still he had the energy of the main singer.

After a fucking 40 minute wait it was finally time for fucking STATIC X!!!!! This was my first time seeing Static X so I was not privlegded to see the original members but seeing Wayne Static on stage just blew me away. They started off with Wisconsin Death Trip which imo is a great way to start the show. Nice little repetitive rift and beat in the beginning and then bam!!! Seeing them live for the first time was just outstanding. I found out that Wayne was from Chicago which I never knew and his parents were there and were sitting front row in the balcony and everyone gave them the horns and raised there drinks it was really cool. Wayne has so much energy and you can tell he just loves performing for his fans and loves what he does. Im really glad that Wayne decided to bring Static X back even though it wasnt the original members the sound was spot on. Highlights of the set will be followed by a

Hope my first review was decent and I would like to hear opinions. Thanks guys.

1.Wisconsin Death Trip
2.Black and White
3.Bled for Days
4.The Only
7.Assassins of Youth (Wayne Static song)
10.Just in Case
11.Destroy All
13.This Is Not
14.Push It
15.I'm With Stupid

16.Love Dump
17.Get to the Gone
10-1 Korn
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