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Hi. New guy here so I'd thought I'd start contributing to the discussion. I'm currently going to grad school in Central Illinois, but I'm originally from Hampton Roads in Virginia. I don't make it to as many shows as I'd like, but it seems like it's looking up for me recently. Haha.

Here's the current short term itinerary:

9/12 - August Burns Red or Off With Their Heads (haven't decided yet)
9/17 - (HED) P.E. & 36 Crazyfists (maybe)
9/18 - Less Than Jake (maybe)
9/22 - 10 Years
10/11 - After The Burial
10/18 - Black Tusk
11/2 - For Today (maybe)
11/4 - The Misfits
11/9 - Cheap Girls + The Front Bottoms
11/23 - Title Fight/Pianos Become The Teeth/Napalm Death/Municipal Waste/Exhumed (I'll be home for Thanksigiving and these are all happening at the same venue in one day. It's gonna be fucking awesome )
12/13 - Every Time I Die & The Chariot
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