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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Did that band happen to be Zombie Holocaust?

Have fun though! Hopefully the bands get longer sets than last year. The lineup is pretty damn awesome.
Ha! It was Hemotoxin, a death metal band, that called me first. Nick from Zombie Holocaust completely saved my ass by helping me out with the press request though. Without him the interviews definitely wouldn't be happening, and I might not have ended up even going- I owe him big time. This year ZH is on an appropriate place on the bill, and really those guys are all pretty cool dudes. Yeah hiring girls to run around on the floor is lame, and I'm still not entirely sure if they want to be a party-thrash band or something else entirely, but there are a ton bands out there that are a whole lot worse- especially here in the bay.

The set-times are a hell of a lot better than last year's from the looks of things, the headliners all get an hour. The only issue I see is that they only have ten minute changeovers on the set-times. There's no way a set or two won't be truncated.

Also I'm finally listening to the first Crimson Glory LP that I found at Amoeba in SF two days ago. Dear god this band is so fucking cool!

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