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Week 12:

Lamb Of God- Reclamation
Periphery- Facepalm Mute
Interview with Periphery's Jake Bowen
Periphery- Letter Experiment
Cannibal Corpse- The Strangulation Chair
Interview with Cannibal Corpse's Rob Barrett
Cannibal Corpse- The Time To Kill Is Now
Exhumed- As Hammer To Anvil
Interview with Exhumed's Matt Harvey
Exhumed- Distorted And Twisted To Form
Job For A Cowboy- Children of Deceit
Interview with Job For A Cowboy's Jonny Davy
Job For A Cowboy- Tarnished Gluttony
The Faceless- The Ancient Covenant
Interview with The Faceless' Wes Hauch
The Faceless- Ten Billion Years
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
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