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A few things to add to my original review. To respond to a couple of questions above. First, I did not notice that he messed up any lyrics, that is funny. As far as attendance goes, it was pretty good. Pop's is supposed to hold somewhere between 1500 to 2000 when sold out, and I would say it was two thirds full. So maybe around 800 or so at a guess. But the crowd was loud and very into the show, especially up front. And it definitely seemed like Chris was very pleased by the crowd and how much we were into the show. I know many times a lot of singers say it is a great crowd, but just from reading Jericho it looked as if he was really happy with the crowd as he kind of stopped quite a few times to acknowledge the crowd and let us chant and what not. So he seemed genuinely pleased. Also, there was a speaker on stage that Rich Ward had been having problems with during the show. At the end of the show he and Jericho picked it up and at first pretended like they were going to throw it in the crowd. But then ended up really throwing it into the crowd and Jericho yelled in the microphone for us to crowd surf the speaker to the back and dump it. So another unique thing from Fozzy that you would probably not get at other shows.
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