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Fozzy -- St. Louis, MO -- August 21st, 2012

Fozzy played a headlining show last night in St. Louis. The Uproar tour was in St. Louis on Sunday, but that was also the day of WWE Summerslam where Jericho had a match with Dolph Zigler. So Fozzy was not able to play their normal side stage slot that day. However luckily for us in St. Louis, he came back through and made it up by headlining a show at Pop’s. This worked out for us in that on the Uproar tour stop in Grand Rapids, MI last night, only the five main stage bands were playing. Also, then the Uproar tour was in Chicago today, so it worked out perfect for Fozzy to play Pop’s last night and then head to Chicago to catch up with the tour. And even better was that if you went to Uproar in St. Louis (which I did), you were able to get in free to this show with your ticket stub. To me that just shows the type of guy Chris Jericho is in that not only did he make up the show in St. Louis, but then to honor the ticket stub for the show he missed is pretty cool. So I feel very lucky that it worked out that I was able to see a good festival on Sunday, but then still get a full headlining Fozzy show on top of that (as opposed to the short set they get on the Uproar side stage). As far as the show goes, it was as awesome as you would expect it to be. Jericho is always the entertainer, but he, as with the rest of the band, have become a great metal band. And Rich Ward is not only a great guitarist, but a great live guitarist and entertainer as well. Obviously they focused the entire set list on their last two albums, and Chris said this was the first time they have ever played Inside My Head live (and although he did not say it, I have not seen She’s My Addiction on any set list either). All in all, it could not have worked out any better for us in St. Louis to get this show.

Fozzy (10:00 – 11:15)
(Itsy Bitsy Spider Intro)
1. Spider in My Mouth
2. Sandpaper
3. Eat the Rich
4. Pray for Blood
5. Inside My Head
6. She’s My Addiction
7. Grail
8. God Pounds His Nails
9. Let the Madness Begin
(WhiteChapel 1888 Intro)
10. To Kill a Stranger
11. Martyr No More
12. Blood Happens
13. Sin and Bones
14. Enemy
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