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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
Great interview with Hatchet. I've only had the chance to do one interview, so I know how hard coming up with questions is, but you did an awesome job. It's interesting to hear about the thrash resurgence because it seems like it was relatively short lived. I remember back in 2009 and 2010, thrash albums were coming out left and right, but now that seems to have slowed a little bit.

Hatchet are a great band, but much like Invection, they're another California thrash band that seems to have lost a bit of momentum in the last couple of years. I'm still interested in hearing something new from them though.
Thank you for the compliment! You're right, the thrash resurgence really was a pretty short thing. I remember in high school, shows with really killer bills used to happen every weekend and now the shows that do happen are all over the place in terms of the music represented and have crappy turnouts.

Hatchet really are a damn good band, and they're always a treat to see live. It really is sad though that the peak of success that a thrash band can reach these days is the level of Warbringer or Municipal Waste, and from what I know those guys barely pay their bills. Hopefully now that Orchid signed with Nuclear Blast more labels will be looking for Bay Area bands to sign. There are some amazingly talented acts here, but I feel like no label wants to even check them out.

Speaking of local shows with weird bills and bad turnouts, here's my review of the show that Speed played on.

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