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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Y2J was wrote off though so he could do Uproar.

Oh well going to see RAW live in two weeks!
I understand why Jericho is leaving but I think it sucks that they finally had him go back to the Y2J character and then he's gone so fast. Both matches with Ziggler at Summerslam and Raw were good, but it's still done nothing to convince me that Ziggler is a main eventer in anyway. Also, the announcers saying that Jericho finally won the big one at Summerslam really shows how bad Jericho's recent return has been. If beating Ziggler in the opening match of a PPV is considered big for someone like Jericho then he should've never came back in the first place.

Enjoy the Raw you're going to and try to stay awake. Thank the gods I DVR it because I couldn't imagine having to sit through the horror that is a three hour live Raw now.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Amen to that. I hate social networking as it is, and to have it as one of WWE's main things now is so fucking annoying. All the stupid "#" in the corners during every match is just retarded.
This is one of the reasons their product is so bad right now. They're more conserned with this bullshit than actually trying to get the bulk of their roster air time so they can get over with the audiences. I don't like Twitter but at least I understand it's purpose. Tout has to be the dumbest thing i've ever seen though. How about you actually give the performers interview time on the shows to say what they've gotta say? More people will see it to, imagine that? I read that WWE has part ownership in Tout so unfortunately it's not going anywhere soon.

Sorry, to sound like a bitter old wrestling fan but i've been a fan since about 1986 or so. My first wrestling memories are seeing Randy Savage beat Tito Santana for the IC title back when winning that belt actually meant something speical. Wrestlemania 2 was the first PPV I ever watched and while the matches weren't always the greatest back then it was the hype that sold you on everything. That's what's missing now, there's little to no hype about the big matches anymore and they don't get you excited for them at all. In all the years i've been watching the last two or three years have easily been the worst the overall WWE product has been. It's not the fault of the talent, just like any other job they go out there and do what they're told. It's this generic, play it safe PG booking bullshit and all this constant social media stuff that's killing it.

Thanks to anyone who read that whole thing. I didn't expect to go on that long. I guess as a life long fan i've had a few grievences built up in me that I had to get off my chest