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Russian Circles -- Montreal, Quebec -- August 20th, 2012

Venue: Il Motore
Opening bands: Marriages, Chelsea Wolfe

I have to go to school so I don't have time for a review, but here's a very quick summary.

I had a band rehearsal so, I got to the venue a bit late. When I arrived, Marriages were playing their final song. I don't really remember how they sounded, but they were a trio with a female singer. My friends told me they were great. Something that was also striking was that the room was packed like I've never seen it before (except maybe for the Kylesa/Rosetta show), which was pretty cool, but made very hot and humid.

Chelsea Wolfe were a cool surprise. They created a wierd ambiance with their use of sampling and guitar/vocal effects and they gave an emotional performance. Their frontwoman's voice and the keyboardist/bassist's skills were impressive.

Russian Circles' show was spotless. They played about 75 minutes of beautiful, heavy and catchy post-rock (or post-metal) without lacking any of the power that is present on the albums and without saying a word to the crowd. Actually, everything sounded more overwhelming than on record: the bass tone was crushing, the drums were bone-shattering and the guitar filled every corner of the venue. Some of the parts were pretty mesmerizing. Great overall show!

Russian Circles

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