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Originally Posted by ChrisLovesMetal View Post
Oh, dude, there's no way you just did this.... I fucking LOVE Disturbed. They are the sole reason I listen to rock/metal to begin with. The Sickness was one of the very first rock albums I ever bought (along with Infest by Papa Roach) and the first concert I ever went to was a Disturbed concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC (which is such a cool, small fucking venue, and I was literally about 10 feet from the stage).

Wow, that was hard. I literally love every single goddamn one of their songs. Too bad they're on hiatus at the moment, but David Drainman is currently working on new material with a band called Device, and John Moyer is jamming with a band called Adrenalin Mob, so I've been filling the void with that
I feel the same way. The first song i heard by Disturbed was TTF and i havent stopped listening to them since. Like i said, i saw them on mayhem last year, and the venue i saw them in is awful. If i could have seen them in a club, it would be the best show ever. It was also very hard for me to choose my setlist, but i choose a mix of songs that are classic hits (TTF, Indestructible, DWTS) and songs they have never played (PR, Run). it is tough with their hiatus, but when they come back from it, they will hopefully do a world tour like SOAD, then enter the studio
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