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Originally Posted by petrovar View Post
Venue: Peabody's
Source: Me

Space Time
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
L'enfant Sauvage
Toxic Garbage Island
Planned Obsolescence
Flying Whales
Wisdom Comes


This was definitely one of the heaviest shows I've ever been to (as is to be expected with Gojira). This was my second time seeing them. The other time was opening for Metallica. That was a good show, but seeing them in a club is where the real experience is.

Nothing special or different with the setlist, but an exceptional performance nonetheless. I wish they would do the intro to Flying Whales. I know they don't live, but it's my favorite song of theirs and I hope it happens one day. Mario was fucking nasty behind the kit, especially during Explosia.

This was the last show of this mini US tour they have been on. Highlights were Heaviest Matter, Clone and Explosia.
They have done the intro for whales live before I think they cut it out for time sake, but more when From Mars to Sirius came out they did it in full.

Great review I can't tell how jealous I am of you east coasters

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