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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
My dad and I had to miss those 3 bands as well because we got stuck in traffic! Other than that though, it was a super amazing time! I was a little bummed that Serj didn't do any SOAD stuff, but he was still super amazing! Also, LOG's sound was really fucked up. I wonder if the rain messed something up. Their performance was still sweet though. For me though, the best act of the night were Deftones. I saw them back in 2006 at Taste Of Chaos, but I was kind of worn out when they came on and didn't really get into it, but last night I sure did and was completely blown away by them! Also, my dad and I aren't really that big of Slipknot fans so we left after 4 songs to beat the traffic home. They sure put on a very entertaining show though! All in all, a super fun time!
Even with me being sick the entire day, it was fucking awesome. If you saw a guy in a Testament work shirt taking pictures in front of the guard rail...that was me.
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