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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
I was gonna go to this show but have heard from others that Jimmy's is a serious shithole. So I skipped it last night and instead will attend the show at Mojo13 in Wilmington, DE tonight. Both clubs are equal distance from my house. And I've been to Mojo13 and it's a really cool little venue.
Unfortunately there just isn't shit for venues in the Allentown area. The one place that would've booked a show like this that actually mics the instruments, has a really elevated stage and okay sound and atmosphere closed about 2 years back. There's another club that books national acts, but they wouldn't even think about booking a tour like this. Sadly Jimmy's is about it in the area, and it sucks. There is no scene at all in this area. Even in the eight years I've been in a band I've seen it go from the lower side of mediocre to total oblivion.
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