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Gojira -- Milwaukee, WI -- August 19th, 2012

Amazing show (no surprise). Gojira were supposed to play in Milwaukee with LOG and Dethklok, but we all know what happened with that. They played the Rave Bar, which is really small.

The first band was Everything Must Die. They were good. They were a slam/hardcore/thrash band, and the crowd was liking them. The singer/guitarist was awesome, you could tell he was really enjoying it and kept revving the crowd up for Gojira. I recognized the singer from this other awesome band, Lupara, who opened for Obituary last time they came to Milwaukee. So far this guy has a good record for awesome live bands.

Next up was Car Bomb. They put on a sick show. The also had really cool lights and stuff. They're not my kind of music, but the put on a hell of a show, and anyone who sees them is in for a treat, imo.

Gojira played last, and the crowd was pretty rabid for them. Everyone was going crazy, headbanging, jumping, etc. It was definitely on par with the last time I saw them. The band was loving being on stage. Joe interacted with the crowd a lot, asking who bought/stole their new album.

Space Time
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
Drum Solo**
L'enfant Sauvage
Toxic Garbage Island
Planned Obsolescence
Flying Whales
Wisdom Comes

Explosia was supposed to finish the main set, and The Axe was on the setlist, but got cut.

**When the started playing Love, Jean-Michel ran off stage and went to puke for a few minutes. The rest of the band stayed on stage for a bit, Mario did a drum solo. During this time, Joe said that everyone needs to chant "Patrick! Patrick!" when Jean-Michel comes back. Everyone left the stage for a few minutes, and when they came back the crowd was chanting "Patrick! Patrick!" over and over. This continued throughout the night, replacing any Gojira chant. Even for the encore, everyone shouted "Patrick!" instead of Gojira. Amazing.

Anyways, probably the best show I've seen. Joe said they would be back around January/February.
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