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White Wizzard -- Allentown, PA -- August 19th, 2012

In short, this was pretty rough. The venue this was held at was craptacular to say the least, and the whole night you could just sense the awkwardness in the air from the bands - particularly the bassist of White Wizzard. Nevertheless, every band put on a really great show, as short as all the sets were.

Don't have a complete set, but I know they opened with Take Hold of the Night and also played Lady Twilight and An American Werewolf in Raleigh.

Icarus Witch:
01 Asylum Harbor (Intro)
02 Coming of the Storm
03 (We Are) The New Revolution
04 Rise
05 Tragedy
06 The End
07 Capture the Magic (Played on special request for me!)
08 Out For Blood

White Wizzard:
01 Torpedo of Truth
02 40 Deuces
03 Celestina
04 Out of Control
05 Iron Goddess of Vengeance
06 Starchild
07 High Speed GTO

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