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My Weekend of Summer Slaughter, Knotfest, & 24th Birthday Celebration

Hey guys,

As I've been promoting that I was going to Summer Slaughter and Knotfest all before my 24th Birthday on Sunday.

It started off ridiculously shitty. I woke up with an incredibly sore throat and overall just a really shitty cold. I was starting to think I couldn't go. But I just thought to myself I will pick up some cold medicine on the way there and I'll be fine. So I picked up some cold medicine and downed a lot of it just to get through the day.

So we got to The Rave at 1pm, about an hour and a half faster then i thought we would so we went to Taco Bell to cool off and relax before going into The Rave. And that's where the fun began.

I started making the phone calls I needed to do interviews throughout the day. The first one who answered back, Alex, The sound guy for Periphery. We went straight into Periphery's RV and everyone was sitting up front. I got to interview Jake Bowen. Everyone else left, EXCEPT Misha who wanted to stick around. in the beginning of the interview I made a major fail and called Jake, Alex, because that's who i last talked to on the phone, We all had a good laugh about it. 11 minutes later a great interview was done, and Misha did a great unrecorded Jig dance about how much he loves Jimmy John's. Both Alex the tour manager, Misha and Jake thanked me very much for, in their words, the ebst interview they've had in 2012. And then cited instances of people asking 'What is Djent" and "Where did you get the name Periphery?"

I then got a call back from cannibal corpse's tour manager saying I would be interviewing Paul at 5pm. So I thought that would be awesome.

We went inside The Rave and then shit started to really suck. I showed the security guards my press pass and they throughly frisked me as if I faked the pass. The reached into my pocket and grabbed my wallet which had a chain on it. I had this wallet since my Grandpa died and he gave it to me about 2 days before he died of cancer. The security guard told me to throw away the chain. 15 MINUTES later I finally got the chain off my wallet the security guard grabbed it out of my hands and threw it away.

The next security guard thought I faked my photo pass and said "What are you a dumbass? That's a sticker. You WEAR IT." And while I was about to say "ok" He grabbed it out of my hand unpeeled the back and slapped it on my chest pretty damn hard.

After that whole ordeal. The band Reflections who opened the show was just about done. They are a MN local band who opened about 5 shows on Summer Slaughter and are on the verge of signing with Sumerian Records. Yes they are very Djenty but I like their sound alot.

Cerebral Bore was next and they were very damn good, despite some shitty sound problems.

Within The Ruins was next during their set I went to go pickup a Periphery Hoodie for 20 bucks, you just can't beat that. And from that point on except for interviews, I stayed up on the second floor. One for better phone reception by open windows and there was seats up there.

Exhumed was next and they were damn Brutal. One of the best bands of the day.

After Exhumed was Goatwhore but I didn't get to see them as I was needed at cannibal Corpse's tour bus. After trying to go outside I was told I would not be allowed in if I went outside. I told them what was going on, they asked for my pass. I showed it to them and they still said no. So I had to text their tour manager and explain what happened. Their tour manager said "Fuck them, I'll help you out." He came to me by the doors and escorted me to Cannibal Corpse's tour bus, Where I was then told that Paul wasn't up for an interview, but Rob was.....I had no planned for Rob. I love him, he's a hell of a guitarist, but I had all my questions prepared for Paul.

The interview went....well Brutal. Rob is an intense Southern guy. He was cool as shit, but it went very odd. Not as bad as Volbeat was, but still very odd. and when you hear it you'll understand.

After being escorted backstage where all the bands were hanging out. I made it back in time to somewhat see Job for A Cowboy's set. But during their set I had to make more phone calls so I had to miss about 3/4s of their set. scheduling everything else that night.

Then came Veil Of Maya who are good at what they do, but just not my bag. Which worked out since Matt Harvey of Exhumed called me back about our interview. Matt is one of the coolest dudes in Death Metal period! We had the coolest conversations about Death Metal both on and off the mic. Where he left me in on some insider info that will be coming out this week. So I'll leave it at that. But I will say this will not be my last time hanging out with Matt.

After Veil Of Maya, JFAC's tour manager called me and I met Jonny by the doors and we went downstairs into one of the unused green rooms. We had a 20 minute discussion about the state of music today, and it was one of the most intellectual interviews I've ever had. It was amazing to me. I've been a huge fan of the band, although i don't show it off often, ever since the Doom EP and I belive they've only gotten better and better over the years. And he really appreciated that I was an interviewer who actually knows what the fuck I'm talking about.

After that I caught the last song from Periphery where Spencer was on fucking FIRE. Anyone who hates his vocals for being too whiny has never heard him live....or the new album.

Then came The Faceless and they fucking ruled. Playing songs from all 3 albums and no one missed a single note.

BTBAM was next, where the tour manger for both Veil Of Maya and THe faceless texted me and said Veil of Maya can't do an interview but Michael is ready after BTBAM's set. So I was stoked for that.

BTBAM was my favorite band of the night. Starting off with White Walls wwas unexpected but fucking awesome. I recorded their whole set from where I was sitting on the second floor. I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but with the Zoom Mic I used I'm sure it turned out great.

Cannibal Corpse was up next and right before that I got a text from the TM of The Faceless and Michael couldn't do the interview anymore...but Wes Could. So I got even more stoked.

I did the interview outside with Wes and he is suck a fucking cool dude. about 4-5 minutes into our interview. Spencer from Periphery came over with a very sexy girl he found for Wes to "Hang Out" with that night. and Didn't realize we were doing an interview so it's all on Audio. So I convinced Spencer to stay for about a minute but he was embarrassed as all hell. After that Wes and I kept going with the interview and he couldn't have been more of a humble guy. There is reason why he is my favorite member of the band besides Evan Brewer.

So after that, I didn't wanna go back in for Cannibal Corpse since I thought Iwas going to see them at Knotfest tomorrow. They played Evisceration Plauge as we left. We didn't get home till 4:50am 10 hours of traveling and 11 hours of Summer Slaughter. I was up for 21 hours with no food and one cup of water. FUUUUUUUUUUCK

Then came Saturday.........

I woke up to found out that neither Prong nor Dillinger Escape Plan could do interviews anymore due to scheduling conflicts. So I thought I couldn't go anymore. SO I got shitfaced instead having a leiter of German beer. my plan for Saturday was to get shitfaced watch Dirty Work with my band, thenw e go see The Expendables 2, then try to find a lday or two for my birthday.

That Didin't happen...

At 3:30pmm I got a call saying that I just got a photo Pass to take pictures of all the bands for Knotfest and to get there ASAP. so I sobered up the best I could and Drove to Somerset. (yes I was sober when I drove, I'll never drunk drive) And yes, no Dillinger Escape Plan, Gojira or Prong for me.

I got to Knotfest, and who'd a thunk it......Cannibal Corpse was playing Evisceration Plague....if you were paying attention above, the song I left during the night before. haha

I decided to go to the mainstage as I couldn't get to take pictures in front of the rail because I got to CC late. So I was front row center for Serj.

My best friend int he world was there with a college friend of his. so it made the wait worth it. Since I was on the rail. going in front of the rail was meaningless so I just stayed there and took pics of Serj. Serj is a great frontman and writes great music, that said I hate his lyrics. I hate overuse of politics on either side in heavy use. I have my own mind for politics. I had a good time during his set, but the night only got better for me from that perspective.

Machine Head was next and I got to the guard rail too late, apparently you had to be there right before the band gets on stage. not any time after. So I just decided to go to the bathroom instead and watch from afar not to get my ass kicked. that's where I found the motherload. Rockstar Energy Drinks......ALL YOU CAN DRINK! I slammed about 5 of them which lasted the night.

Machine Head was fucking awesome playing every song you'd want off the last three albums, and Davidian.

Deftones came on next, my first time in front of the guard rail taking pics. And my first time seeing The Deftones. I was suppose to see them on the last Summer Sanitarium tour, but Chino decided that he was too high to go on stage and they cancled their set. This time however, while not being a big fan of them anymore, they put on a great high energy show. but after the first three songs. I went to the side stage to take pics for the almighty Lamb of God. Before I left over there the blonde musician from Slipknot out of costume stood next to me and offered me some Cheese Curds. That's fucking Metal

Then it started to rain, really fucking hard, it sucked but it felt refreshing at the same time. When the band got on stage everyone went fucking crazy. Instead of taking pics, I took video of the first song, Desolation. then for the next two songs took pics. LOG was fucking awesome and I'm glad they played, they deserve to be where they are at.

To avoid a lot of shit of asshole redneck moshers (it's northern Wisconsin, unless you live here, you may not understand) I went over to the mainstage to get ready to take pictures for Slipknot. Say what you want about Slipknot, anything at all about their music. They know how to put on a show. and taking pictures for them was a possible once in a life time experince I won't take for granted.

But after three songs, and so many hours of traveling and metal. I said fuck it, I'm going home.

As I was leaving and passing the second stage, I ended up walking with Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God. I got my picture with him *in very bad darkness0 shook his hand and told him it was great to have him back, and he said it was great to be back. I also mentioned quick about the interview I was suppose to have. He told me he actually knew about that and apologized to me and said "I don't know the October itinerary yet, but if it comes to the Twin Cities, you got your interview." . I shook his hand one more time. Spent a half hour looking for my car and drove home.

After getting home my guitarist decided to spend the night and we watched Where the Buffalo Roam, a movie starring Bill Murray as Hunter S. Thompson....need Is ay more?

Today was not nearly as excited, I was the most sick today constantly sneezing coughing and blowing my nose and of course my sore throat. But I was still able to go to the beer have some beer and wings then went to see the Expendables 2, which I'm sure is a lot better when not sick. haha. But seriously its just a good action film about guns and explosions, why have the need for a plot?

After I got home I started working on my radio show interviews, watched Breaking Bad, finished up the radio show, and currently listening to the second half of it now checking for mistakes before I sent it out to the stations.

So overall. despite shitty security at the Rave and being very sick, it was the best weekend I've ever had, and it was a great way to close out the first 23 years of my life. Now that I'm 24, I look forward to the next 24 years.

If you made it this long, first of all thank you, and second I hope you'll enjoy the interviews and pics this coming week.
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