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I Just Saw the Gayest Guy on Earth (intro)
I Hope You Get Deported
Everyone in Allston Should be Killed
I Snuck a Retard Into a Sperm Bank
No, We Don't Want to Do a Split Seven Inch With Your Stupid Fucking Band
Van Full of Retards
Ha Ha Holocaust
You Robbed a Sperm Bank Because You're a Cum Guzzling Faggot
I Sold Your Dog to a Chinese Restaurant
You're a Cop
Jack Kevorkian is Cool
I Sent a Thank You Card to the Guy Who Raped You
Windchimes are Gay
You (Fill in the Blank)
Beating up Niggers that Sell Fake Crack
Hitler Was a Sensitive Man
Domestic Violence is Really, Really, Really Funny
Face It, You're a Metal Band
You're a Trendy Fucking Pussy
Beating Up Hippies for Their Drugs at a Phish Concert
Technology is Gay
Pepe the Gay Waiter
You Own a Houseboat
All Our Fans are Gay
I Pushed Your Wife in Front of the Subway
Grindcore is Very Terrifying
I Lit Your Baby on Fire
Foreplay With a Tree Shredder
Recycling is Gay
You're Pregnant, So I Kicked You in the Stomach
I Made Fun of You Because Your Kid Just Died
Art Fag
I Went Back in Time and Voted for Hitler
You Look Adopted
311 Sucks
I'm Still Standing

No fucks given that Seth likely wouldn't have gotten through half of this (if what I was told about Anal Cunt shows is true).
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