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I went and saw LP a few nights ago (I just went to go really, more for my brother) and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I didn't post a setlist or review cause I figured I'd just get shit on haha, but hearing the old stuff was actually awesome, especially With You ( I wasn't expecting that at all), Papercut, Somewhere i Belong, and One Step Closer. And btw there was a pit most of the show, despite it being mostly just a bunch of kids. I agree that their new stuff is mostly just uneventful radio rock/electronic, but they still have a few not bad songs and actually still put on a great live show. I won't buy any of their newer albums, and I doubt I will see them again, but I'm definitely glad I saw them this time around and can cross one of my favorite childhood bands off the list of bands to see.
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