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I think you guys are missing my point. Linkin Park's newer material is admittedly and undoubtedly different from their older stuff. Which material is better, old or new, is entirely a matter of preference. I am agreeing with all of you 100% that the older stuff from Hybrid Theory and Meteora is unquestionably superior as far as I'm concerned, but just because the newer stuff is different or doesn't meet your liking doesn't mean it "sucks". There were, in fact, a few songs from the newest album that were pleasently reminiscent of Hybrid Theory and Meteora, such as "Victimized" and "The Catalyst."

But as a pretty big fan of LP myself, I can understand the frustration at the band's change of sound. It's frustrating to myself as well, to be honest. I used to be a HUGE Papa Roach fan, back in the days of the late 90's and early 2000's. Their debut album Old Friends From Young Years was unlike anything I ever heard before (still haven't heard anything like it, actually), and the album Infest just flat out kicked fucking ass. Mastodon421, wanna talk about "fall from grace"? Papa Roach epitomizes that. It's sad, really, when bands (such as Green Day, Papa Roach and Linkin Park to name a few) completely alter their sounds just so they can have more mainstream, radio-friendly songs for the general masses, and leave the fans who made them who they are in the first place with next to nothing.
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