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Dio Rising -- Everett, WA -- August 17th, 2012

I wasn't sure how to spend my Friday night. It had been a rough week due to a ton of things going on at once and due to how insanely hot it had been, for Seattle's standards. I decided that I needed to unwind and go to a concert, although $15 for an 80s Glam Rock cover band and a Dio tribute band seemed a bit steep, but TOTALLY worth it.

My friends and I got to Hayley's Bar & Grill in Everett, WA around 9:00pm, only to find that there was also a high school reunion going on, causing the place to be packed. We had a couple drinks and awaited the first band of the night, which just so happened to be a classic rock/glam metal tribute band from Bellingham, WA called VOYAGER.

They weren't bad, but definitely could use a bit polishing up. The song selection went from AWESOME to OMG I HATE THIS SONG to MEH, but it was enjoyable for what it was.

Songs VOYAGER played were:
The Hellion/Electric Eye (Judas Priest)
Panama (Van Halen)
forgot (Van Halen)
forgot (AC/DC)
Welcome To The Jungle (GnR)
Night Train (GnR)
Whole Lotta Love (Led Zep)
Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue)
Girls, Girls, Girls (Motley Crue)

After Voyager finished up we got a few more drinks and made our way down to the main floor in front of the stage for the band of the night, DIO RISING. I have been talking about this band on here for a while and they definitely bring it, below is a video of them so you can see whats up.

Dio Rising ended up playing for around 2 HOURS, and played all the hits from Rainbow to Sabbath to Dio, and even to Heaven & Hell. I was quite intoxicated, so I will do my best to post all of the songs they played, but bear with me, it will be out of order and possibly incomplete!

Neon Knights
Children of the Sea
Heaven & Hell
Die Young (First time playing it live, AMAZING)
The Sign of the Southern Cross
The Mob Rules
Follow The Tears
Gates of Babylon
Kill The King
Tarot Woman
Man on the Silver Mountain
Stand Up & Shout (...I think)
Holy Diver
Don't Talk To Strangers
Rainbow in the Dark
Killing the Dragon
We Rock
The Last In Line
King of Rock and Roll

I am probably missing a couple songs, but that is about it! They put on an absolutely amazing show. I know they tour once in a great while, so if you ever see "Dio Rising" on a flyer in any of your areas, go see them, it is insanely good!

Videos from various shows:
Last In Line -
Gates of Babylon - (studio version)
Dalla Nebbia

Funeral Age

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