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Yes, it would've been great to have a 100% Sabbath set from the Martin era (don't agree about being only Headless Cross material, all those albums are excellent) but i gotta tell you guys that the Dario Mollo & Tony Martin album "The Third Cage" (2012) is just amazing!! Check it out!! 2 songs off that album were played and 1 off the "The Cage 2" (2002). Plus i think it's ok that he included songs from his solo albums, "Scream" is quite good so, although there are some Sabbath songs missing, i think is a great setlist.

Sadly i missed the show, i'm not in the UK at the moment, so i got a couple of questions: Was Dario Mollo on guitars? Was there a back-up singer in the band?

Anyway, i hope Tony Martin realises that he's got a lot of fans out there who will be willing to attend his concerts next year!!!

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