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I fucking love venues exactly like the one you just described. Small, unassuming, low-key, and unintimidating. I think it's great when big name bands do gigs at places like that. I'm from Staten Island, and I've been to a number of small venues within our area, such as the Hammerstein (Disturbed) and the Starland Ballroom (Five Finger Death Punch). I definitely must check out Arlene's Grocery. Sure, places like these don't sell nearly as many tickets as, say, Madison Square Garden or the PNC Bank Center, but I'd imagine that the personal, up-close experience the band gets from small venues is worth it. It's worth it to me, at least, that's for sure.

I'm assuming you're from NY, or at least somewhere within the area; have you ever been to the Hammerstein or the Starland Ballroom? They are literally the size of an elementary school auditorium, and that might even be an overstatement.

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