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Linkin Park -- Camden, NJ -- August 17th, 2012

Hey, guys, just got back from a great performance by Linkin Park at the Susquehanna Bank Center in NJ. Never been to this venue before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was quite pleased. Normally, I don't favor larger venues and I tend to avoid them, but I couldn't pass up a chance to see LP. The sound traveled well throughout the entire arena, and there was a suprising amount of leg room in between the rows (not that I sat down at all during the show, but it was still nice not having to completely rub bodies against some random stranger if he or she wanted to pass by). Here's the setlist:

Place For My Head
Given Up
New Divide
With You
Somewhere I Belong
When They Come For Me

the next two songs were unfamiliar to me; sorry. I never heard them before, so I'm not sure what they were called. Here's the rest of the setlist:

Waiting For The End
Breaking The Habit
Shadow Of The Day
The Catalyst
Lost In The Echo
Burn It Down
What I've Done
In The End
Bleed It Out (Extended Version)
Let Me Go
Paper Cut
One Step Closer

So yeah, as you can see, that's a fairly lengthy setlist. Twenty-three songs was a lot more than I expected. And the guys really kept the energy going throughout the entire show. Chester and Mike were very charismatic and interactive with the crowd, and the entire band just radiated with positive vibes.

I was a little disappointed with the pit area, however. I brought my brother along, and he isn't the most imposing or aggressive person, so for his safety I decided it would be best to get a seat where we'd be away from all the moshing, etc. But the GA Floor area didn't look very intimidating at all; not from my vantage point at least. I really expected a lot more energy from the die-hard fans especially during the heavier songs such as "Bleed It Out", "One Step Closer", and "In the End."

About fifteen minutes into the show, it started POURING out. I mean torrential downpours. Lightening filled the sky and the fans on the lawn got absolutely SOAKED. It didn't dampen anyone's mood, however, and the thunder seemed to get everyone pretty pumped up. It was actually really, really cool.

Overall, I thought it was a great show. I was truly suprised by the sound quality and how crisp the music sounded, especially since it was a large, semi-outdoors arena. This makes me very happy, because I am seeing KISS with Motley Crue at the same place next month.

If anyone else was at the show, I'd love for you to share your experience, and possibly help me fill in the gap in the setlist that I couldn't quite figure out. Thanks!
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