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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post

Attila was next and I still don't see the big deal with them. Their songs are all the same and they are all about sex and drugs. The crowd LOVED them though I don't see why. The lead singer reminded of the hipster trashy version of Matt Shadows just because of how he looked. The lyrics are over the top stupid and I just can't get into them. Even when they intro'd the new the song they said something along the lines of "This song is for the women with big booties and the men who go after them". The only thing I liked was that he could scream and talk extremely fast. Too bad he only did that once.
It's partycore. It's basically what municipal waste would be if they did deathcore. Basically what JD said, it's fun. Plus did you listen to emmure, don't talk about over the top stupid (not hatin on emmure). So don't hate bro
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