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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Holy crap! Cool vid but more importantly that song. Show me more music like that.
I don't know of a hell of a lot of stuff that's just like that - it's kinda unique. I liken their stuff to a band such as Tool (when Tool is at their trippiest / mellowest). Metal Archives classifies them as atmospheric doom, and lists Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony and Wounded Kings as similar bands. I love Jex Thoth and Blood Ceremony, but I really don't get the comparison, other than all three bands are female-fronted. I mean, they're not completely dissimilar, but still, I wouldn't call them "the same" either.

...and unfortunately, Wyllt is BMH's only album to date, and it's very short. So the only choice you have is to get it, and listen to it on repeat for hours on end - which is what I do.

EDIT: Actually, BMH is not totally unlike SubRosa. You might want to check them out.

EDIT2: ...and now that I think about it, I thought this was implied, but maybe not - check our Sera's other band Ides of Gemini for sure.

Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Any chance of Black Math Horseman releasing a new album anytime soon?
Not that I know of. They aren't a touring band right now, and Sera Timms is full bore with IOG right now (which is an awesome thing, so I'm not knocking that). Their web site is very sparse, and their blog just seems to be a collection of interesting paintings.

The world definitely needs more Black Math Horseman, but for now, I don't see it happening anytime soon.
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