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Lita Ford -- Sellersville, PA -- August 16th, 2012

Headline show for Lita on an off night from the Def Leppard/Poison tour. She was excellent! She sounded and looked amazing! She was drinking between songs and joking a lot. She seemed to be having a great time. It is an odd place to see a metal or hard rock show because it is a seated theater and to my surprise everyone stayed seated until the encore. Also they were really strict about taking pictures or even using your phone, which is fine with me, but kind of counterproductive when they shine a bright flashlight in someone's face to tell them not to use their phone or take a picture. Also, I was a little bummed that she didn't do "Dressed To Kill", which is my favorite tune of hers. Besides those three minor things it was a great show. I had a blast and felt 15 again. Here's the set list:

1. The Bitch Is Back (Elton John song)
2. Out For Blood
3. Gotta Let Go
4. Living Like A Runaway
5. Hungry
6. Devil In My Head
7. Back To The Cave
8. Can't Catch Me
9. Under The Gun
10. Relentless
11. Dancin' On The Edge
12. Hate
13. Close My Eyes Forever
14. Kiss Me Deadly
Mark Knopfler - 10/17
Spirit Caravan - 10/18
King Diamond - 11/25
C.O.C. + Brant Bjork - 11/29
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