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Into Eternity -- Montreal, Quebec -- August 16th, 2012

This show was at Petit Campus. Small, but I like the intimacy of the venue.

I arrived a bit before 9pm. I missed the first band. I think they were called Karkaos.

I was expecting Riksha to be playing. After looking at the stage it appeared that Single Bullet Theroy was getting ready. Come to find out later Riksha has dropped off the tour. They couldn't cross the border due to delinquent child support payments by one of the members.

Single Bullet started at 9pm. Here is the set;

Route 666
New Song on Band Camp
What Have I
Hollowed Out
Leviathan Smiles
In Sequence
I of the Enemy
Sea of Inequity

They sounded awesome! The third guitar was a bit lost in the sound at times, but the band were tight and very crisp. Matt Difabio was very funny. When he introduced In Sequence, he said they were going to play something proggy and a bit gay. After the song I yelled ' Even the gay stuff is cool! " I haven't seen them since 2005, well worth the wait!!

Last time I saw IE (The other IE that is) they had Stu and were short one guitar player. This time they had the other guitar player and the beautiful Amanda handling the vocals. I was not at all skeptical of her abilities. I trusted Tim Roth wouldn't have an lousy singer.

Here's the setlist;

Splintered Visions
Elysian Fields
Black Light Ending
Time Immemorial
Spent Years of Regret
3 Dimensional Aperture
Surrounded By Night
Beginning of The End


Buried in Oblivion (recorded)
Black Sea of Agony
Timeless Winter

I may have messed up some of the sequence of the middle of the set. IE sounded great! Amanda did a wonderful job! Highs, lows and growls were fabulous! Tim is fortunate to have found her! I am glad to see IE up and running again!

Merch was reasonable. IE T-shirts $20. Single Bullet T's $15. Both bands had CDs. IE had vinyl with them.

I had a brief conversation with Matt Difabio about the tour. He said it wasn't going well. He estimate that 13 were in the audience in Detroit. Truly unfortunate. I hope more people attend for the rest of the tour. I'm glad I didn't let it pass by.
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