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For anyone not up to date with the current hardcore releases, I'd recommend giving the new Xibalba album, Hasta La Muerte, a chance. It has potential to get some metal cred. It's definitely hardcore, and heavy, downtuned, beatdown hardcore at that, but heavy in the sense of Morbid Angel, or Suffocation versus Hatebreed or Madball. The "breakdowns" are really just slow, doomy death metal riffs, and the vocals are more death-y, even going into super low growls at times. They incorporate Sepultura-esque tribal drums an rhythms at times.

I guess I'm trying to say that for a death metal or doom fan, this album is way more accessible and fresh than their 2010 debut. Definitely one of the most diverse hardcore releases of this year. Give it a shot! I recommend the songs "Floods", "No Serenity", and "Hasta La Muerte".
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