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Summer Slaughter -- Cleveland, OH -- August 14th, 2012

Venue: House of Blues
Source: Me

This was my third show in a week (all at HOB interestingly enough).

I was mainly here for Between the Buried and Me and Corpse, but also wanted to check out The Faceless since I really haven't listened to them before.

My buddies and I arrived during Veil of Maya. I really wanted to see Exhumed, but couldn't get the afternoon off for work. We made sure we went to the bar while Job for a Cowboy was on. Can't stand them, some people can, to each their own.

Once Veil of Maya and Periphery finished, I realized that my one buddy was trying to get us reserved seats since he knows people at the House of Blues. He succeeded and we ended up watching the final three bands from the opera box

Perfect view of the pit and right next to the stage so I could actually watch the musicianship of these three amazing bands. The Faceless really impressed me. I hadn't heard any songs but they had the same impact as Dying Fetus did the first time I saw them.

They had sound issues at first, but finally got them sorted out.

The Faceless:

Coldly Calculated Design
Legion of the Serpent
The Eidlon Reality
An Autopsy

My favorite band on this tour was Between the Buried and Me. This was my 6th time seeing them and might have been their best performance. Opening with White Walls was weird (but awesome) because when they finished, it felt like the show was over and it was time to go home. The new song was great live, especially the ending.

Between The Buried and Me:

White Walls
Specular Reflection
Sun of Nothing
Fossil Genera - A Feed From Cloud Mountain

Second time seeing Cannibal Corpse and it was great! Before they came on stage, you could tell the crowd got 20 years older. Some dude challenged Corpsegrinder to a fastest headbang contest and while he said "junior" had some balls, he would lose. At this point, they went right into I Cum Blood. At the first break, Corpsegrinder points at himself and says "Winner". Absolutely hilarious!

Cannibal Corpse:

Demented Aggression
Sacrophagic Frenzy
Scourge of Iron
Evisceration Plague
The Time to Kill is Now
Covered With Sores
Born in a Casket
I Cum Blood
Encased in Concrete
Priests of Sodom
Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
Make Them Suffer
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped, and Strangled

Overall a great night. I wish they had more death metal bands and less deathcore bands on these Summer Slaughter tours, but since the deathcore ones bring in the money now, I understand it will stay this way for now.

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