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WEEK 11:

Testament- Rise Up
Paradise Lost- A Side You'll Never Know
Clutch- Burning Beard
Textures- Reaching Home
Evans Blue- The Pursuit
3- High Times
Against The Wall- Overture/Would You Be Happy
All That Remains- Focus Shall Not Fail
Faith No More- Zombie Eaters
Eluveitie- Havoc
Korpiklaani- Honor
Don't Worry, I'm A Doctor- Rules of Survival
Converge- No Light Escapes
Converge- Wolverine Blues (Entombed Cover)
Napalm Death- Will by Mouth
Gaza- The Truth Weighs Nothing
Cannibal Corpse- Make Them Suffer
Suffer Well- The Heart Is a Sinking Betrayer
The Faceless- Autotheist (Movements I, II, III: Create, Emancipate, Deconsecrate)
Gespenst- The Bloodline
Cage- Hell Destroyer
Hammerfall- Renegade
Ancient VVisdom- Forever Tonight
Blind Guardian- Imaginations From The Other Side
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
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