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After a few listens I can say without a doubt that I love it. It's not quite as good as Planetary Duality, but it still kicks a whole lot of ass. The new direction they went in is. All three Authotheist Movement tracks and In Solitude are fucking genius and right up there with the brilliance of Planetary Duality. The progressive elements are really cool and interesting and add this sense of unpredictability that sets them apart from other tech-death acts. Geoff Ficco does a fantastic job on vocals and he is more than worthy replacement for Derek Rydquist. Only flaw on the album is the extreme underuse of Evan Brewer. I mean you have the best bass player in metal and you don't utilize him at all? Bottom line: This is another amazing album from The Faceless and it was well worth the four-year wait.

Side note: One thing I couldn't disagree more about is the Opeth rip-off comments. Seriously? I mean I'm not a fan of Opeth, but I have heard enough of their shit to know this record doesn't sound anything like them. Does anyone else have a reason outside of it sharing one lyric from an Opeth song (which ironically is from Heritage from the no longer progressive death metal Opeth).
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