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Originally Posted by Steev View Post
Well yeah, several acts have done both and more most likely will in the future
I was thinking last night that Uproar has not had any higher billed bands with screaming vocals other than HellYeah, at least to my knowledge. And by screaming vocals I don't mean a few songs, I mean as in bands where the majority of their songs feature harsh, screaming vocals.

I think that is something that divides Mayhem Fest and Uproar. Bands like Slipknot, Slayer, LoG, Hatebreed, etc won't play Uproar but Mayhem Fest has had other bands with cleaner vocals like Manson, Disturbed, Godsmack, etc play. Maybe I'm wrong here, but since Uproar is geared towards more of the fm radio crowd, you won't be seeing any high profile metal bands on Uproar featuring harsh, screaming vocals unless the band has recieved some previous heavy radio play, like KsE or Rob Zombie.

This actually has made me change my opinion on A7X possibly headlining Mayhem Fest sometime soon, I think it is more likely now. What probably is not likely is Slayer or Lamb of God on Uproar.
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