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Clutch -- Cleveland, OH -- August 12th, 2012

Venue: House of Blues
Source: Me

The Mob Goes Wild
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
Gravel Road
Burning Beard
Crucial Velocity
Abraham Lincoln
Mice and Gods
Struck Down
The Regulator
Child of the City
Earth Rocker
Cypress Grove
Subtle Hustle
Electric Worry
One Eye Dollar

Motherless Child (Acoustic version from Pigtown Blues 7")

Interesting setlist from Clutch. This was the last show of their three year touring cycle. Neil said they were going to record the new album now. A few nice surprises from Robot Hive/Exodus, but nothing from the self-titled album .

Overall a great show but I'm kind of annoyed that Clutch shows are turning into metal shows. They used to be so fun and chill and now major (bordering on Slayer) pits are going on throughout the entire set. The last two times I have seen Clutch, people are moshing like Raining Blood is being played. A lot of dickheads on the floor last night. Dudes who just want to fight and knock people unconscious really piss me off. Me and my buddy ended up moving to the back of the sold out crowd to get away from it. Sure we couldn't see the band as well, but it was better than being pummelled by assholes all night.

But I digress...Clutch was fantastic. Opening with The Mob Goes Wild really set things off. I liked the chill encore too. Monster Truck and Lionize opened up and put on fun performances.

I now eagerly await the new album!

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